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Go Kart School

Go Kart School

"RM Latvia Karting School 2023" will acquire basic driving skills, knowledge of the structure of karting, and rules to participate in official competitions. But the most important thing: you will gain knowledge about the fastest, most correct driving trajectory and about one of the essential skills - braking. The organizers have more than 10 years of experience in organizing a karting school and the team has experienced instructors.


All students will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the “RM Latvia team and feel part of the team. Each student will have the opportunity to get an adrenaline ride with a real sports go-kart at the end of the program. Karting has always and at all times been the beginning for most well-known motorists in the world and in Latvia also because it provides the safest and most accurate basis for motorsport to assess whether this sport is enjoyed and successful.


During the lessons, students will not only engage in karting but also in other activities: everyday morning activities, various team games (volleyball, basketball, football), long jump, reactions, dexterity, strength, etc. exercises as well as board games.


In addition to karting, the program includes:

• knowledge of healthy and wholesome nutrition. We are what we eat!

• A personal development coach will work with students to set their goals and confidence.

• Students will learn to go to the sauna.

• You will receive a body massage that is part of a healthy body and spirit!

• Excursion to the “Basque Trail” along with physical activity and being closer to nature.

• Creative classes.

• There will be an opportunity to meet a well-known Latvian guest who will introduce the children to their life experiences and inspire them.


This is not a simple karting school! This is a versatile student physical and mental health program with a professional team. During the week the student will not only gain skills in fast karting but will also learn what is essential for a person's healthy existence.

The student will be evaluated every day according to several criteria. At the end of the karting school, parents will be given a summary observation about the student and a recommendation.


This year "RM Latvia Karting School 2023" we offer two Latvian karting tracks:

  • In Jelgava karting track "Rullītis" from June 12 to June 17.

  • In Kandava karting track "Kandava kart track" from August 21 to August 26.


The price of a karting school is €1,100.


The number of places is limited.


Apply and see you on the track!


Thanks for submitting!

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