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Go Kart School

Go Kart School

Sports team "RM Latvia" organizes 3 karting school training courses in the winter period - in the Biķernieki karting hall.

No prior knowledge is required to participate in the karting school. Both boys and girls can participate and the only restriction is a minimum height of 130 cm.

During the school, you will learn basic driving skills, knowledge of karting construction, rules, in order to participate in official competitions.
But the most important thing: you will gain knowledge about the fastest, most correct driving trajectory and about one of the most basic skills - braking.
The organizers have more than 15 years of experience in organizing a karting school and the team includes instructors with rich experience and titles in competitions. All students will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the "RM Latvia" team and feel like a part of the sports team!

Karting has always and at all times been the beginning of the majority of motor sportsmen known in the world and in Latvia, because this sport provides the safest and most correct foundations in motor sports to evaluate whether you like this sport and are good at it.

In parallel with learning karting driving skills, students will improve their physical skills in the adjacent forest and field infrastructure within the program.
On the final day of the course, students will participate in competitions and fight for a place on the podium!

As every year, the "RM Latvia" karting school will be on two Latvian karting tracks:

  • In Jelgava at the "Rullītis" karting track from June 10 to June 15

  • In Kandava at the karting track "Kandava Kartodrome" from August 19 to August 24.

The price of the camp - €1,100.

The number of places is limited.

Apply and see you on the track! Adrenaline and racing spirit are guaranteed for students!


For more information, call 25622333

Thanks for submitting!

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